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Monday - Sunday:
08:30 a.m. - 19:00 p.m.

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42.438081, 25.612301

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  • 1Entrance fee
  • 2Coffee bar
  • 3White cockatoo
  • 4Green iguana
  • 5Hen-like birds
  • 6Hen-like birds
  • 7Poultry
  • 8Nutria
  • 9Nandu
  • 10Emu
  • 11African porcupine
  • 12Mallard
  • 13Musk duck
  • 14Kholmogory goose
  • 15White stork
  • 16Lion
  • 17Brown bear
  • 18White-shouldered capuchin
  • 19Green gwenon
  • 20Roe
  • 21Red deer
  • 22Scottish pony
  • 23American wild turkey
  • 24...
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mammal types, birds and amphibians

It was established on 26 April, 1957

Stara Zagora Zoo

Walk or something more

  • Walking in nature, meetings with familiar or unfamiliar exotic wild animals, seen only in pictures or just pleasure?
  • A place to educate our children - how to communicate and how to behave with animals. Joy and emotions for children and walk for adults.
  • What is our zoo and what do we know about it? What does it give us, and what do we do for it?
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