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Golden Pheasant

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Golden Pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus)

The golden pheasant is a bird of the Pheasants family, bred as ornamental, and in its natural environment it is also hunting object.

The species is spread in the mountainous forest regions of China, but artificial populations are being bred in many other countries.

The bird stands out with its magnificent plumage, which in its appearance and brightness closely resembles the Tragopan. In the plumage of the adult males, the golden, orange and reddish-chestnut colors dominate, while the green part of the plumage has metallic tint. The main color tone of the females is brown. The average length of males is 114 cm. The males are similar in color to the females as chicks, because their real color forms at the age of two. The females differ from males in the lack of a crest.

They live in families of 1-2 males and 4-5 females. At the beginning of summer, the female lays about 5-12 eggs in a hole in the ground.