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Goat (Capra Domesticus)

The domestic goat is a cloven-footed mammal of the Goats genus. Its direct ancestor is thought to be the wild Bezoar ibex (Capra aegagrus), still found today in the mountains of Asia Minor, while the wild goats of Crete and the neighboring Mediterranean islands have recently been identified as secondarily feral domesticated goats rather than the typical Bezoar ibex with wild local origin, as was believed until recently.


Physical features

The color of the domestic goat varies from pure white to black and its horns can also be of different shape - straight, spiral or curved back. It is found everywhere in Bulgaria. The domestic goats prefer the leaves of bushes and trees, but they also eat hay and cereals.

Domestic goats are also bred as pets. A famous pet goat is Esmeralda of the artist Pablo Picasso, which he immortalized in numerous sketches, painted ceramic plates, and a bronze statuette that is now exhibited in the “Picasso” Museum in Paris.