Scottish pony

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Scottish pony (Equus caballus)

The pony is a small horse breed. Ponies are descended from primitive horses that inhabited Northern Europe, France and the British Isles. There are more than 100 different pony breeds spread all over the world. One of the most famous is the Scottish pony - with a height of 95-104 cm.

According to the experts, one of the oldest horse breeds in Britain is the Scottish pony. Named after the islands from which it originates, it is now one of the most famous pony breeds in the world.

The Scottish pony has the greatest strength in proportion to its size, and the stallions are obedient and submissive. Its body is filled out by short muscular legs. It has a large mane, forelock and tail. Its color changes depending on the season. Many colors are seen in this breed, as black and dark brown are the most common. The average height of the breed is between 95 and 104 cm.

In general Scottish ponies are attentive, good-natured and intelligent by nature, but they can become impatient and stubborn animals, if not properly trained. They are suitable for child's riding due to their small size and receptive nature.

The Scottish pony descends from a larger representative of the Horse family that lived in the Scottish Isles in the Bronze Age. When the Norwegian tribes invaded the islands, they brought with them the ancestors of the modern pony, which crossing with the local breed, created the Scottish pony.

The Scottish pony is recognized as the strongest representative of the Horse family in proportion to its size.