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Corelli (Nymphicus hollandicus)

Corelli, also known as nymph is found in the interior parts of Australia. They belong to the Calyptorhynchinae subfamily (commonly known as dark cockatoos). Corelli is classified as a member of the Cockatoos because they share all typical features of the Cockatoos. These are the raised crest, gall bladder and down.

A distinctive feature for the Corelli is the crest. The crest is rising vertically when the bird is frightened or excited; slanted when the bird is resting and close to the head when it is very angry. Corelli has very long tails, sometimes reaching half the length of their bodies. Corelli is the smallest and the only long-tailed cockatoo with its 30cm and 33cm in length.

The "wild” Corelli has primary grey plumage with prominent white stripes along the edges of each wing. The head of the male is yellow or white, while the head of the female is mainly grey or light grey. Both sexes have orange circular dots around the ears. This orange color is stronger in males and muted in females. In this way, gender can be visually defined. They are nomads – they move where there is water and food. They are found in pairs and small flocks.