Bengal tiger

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Tiger (Panthera tigris)

Bengal tiger is a mammal of the Cat family (Felidae).

It is the largest predator of the Cat family and the third largest predator on earth after the polar bear and the brown bear. Tigers have a typical orange fur with black stripes. However, there is also a subspecies of the Bengal tiger that is white with black stripes. The Bengal tiger is a very strong predator and can overpower an animal twice its size. It is active both day and night.


In the recent past, it has been spread throughout Asia - from Turkey in the west to the east coast of Russia. In the last 100 years, they have lost 93% of their territory. Today the remaining 6 subspecies are listed as endangered. Nowadays there are between 3,062 and 3,948 individuals in the wild, as at the beginning of the 20th century there were about 100,000. Most populations are isolated from each other. Tigers inhabit less than 1,184.911 km², which is 41% decline since 1990.

Tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and South Korea.

The Bengal or Indian tiger has reddish-gold fur with black stripes, which, like in the other tigers, serves as camouflage; the throat, belly and the legs inside are white. Males have a body length including the tail of 2.3 to 2.7 m, and weigh 180 to 260 kg.

The White Bengal Tiger is characterized by creamy white fur with chocolate stripes and blue eyes (they are not albinos, nor a separate species). These tigers are very rare in nature.

Lifestyle and nutrition

They mainly eat large herbivorous mammals, such as deer, elk, wild boar, buffalo and cattle, but the tigers can become omnivorous if necessary. They are territorial animals and seldom leave their habitat. Atypical for cats, tigers love water and demonstrate enviable swimming skills.

During the breeding season, tigers become extremely aggressive and the males often swagger in the presence of the females, mercilessly attacking everything on their way, even elephants. These spectacular battles last for hours.

Additional information

The tigers are listed in the Red Book of endangered species.