Brown bear

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Brown bear (Ursus arctos)

The brown bear is a mammal of the Bear family. It is the largest predator in Bulgaria.



It is spread in Bulgaria and Europe, in Western and Central Asia up to the Himalayas and in North America.

Lifestyle and nutrition

The brown bear lives in forest areas. Although it looks clumsy, it can run short distances at a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. It eats roots, acorns and young grasses. It also likes wild strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, wild apples, plums, pears, watermelons and ants. During the summer, brown bears spend much time feeding. They spend most of the winter sleeping in their lairs. They live off the fat accumulated in the summer, but if they get hungry, they go outside.



The female gives birth every 2-3 years to 1 to 3 cubs, which are initially blind and naked and weigh about 350 grams. They suck milk from their mother until they are three months old. The little brown bears grow very fast — in the first year after birth, the cubs grow almost 200 times in size.

In Bulgaria, the species is under protection and is rapidly increasing.