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The zoo of Stara Zagora citizens – walking in nature, meetings with familiar or unfamiliar exotic wild animals, seen only in pictures or just pleasure?
A place to educate our children - how to communicate and how to behave with animals. Joy and emotions for children and walk for adults. What is our zoo and what do we know about it? What does it give us, and what do we do for it?

Stara Zagora Zoo

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species of mammals,
birds and amphibians

Established on
26 April, 1957

Stara Zagora Zoo was established on 26 April, 1957. It is located in a picturesque spot on the territory of "MItropolit Metodiy Kusev" - Ayazmoto park. It occupies an area of 70 decares. It was started in 1956, when the town labor division caught a probably escaped fallow deer from “Ormanya” forested area near Yambol town. The division gave the deer as a present to "Gardens and Parks" enterprise. The Town People's Council decided to establish the future zoo with this animal. The site of the current badminton court was the first home of the zoo. In 1957, a lawn of about 4 decares was enclosed with a wire fence. Soon the hunters Dimitar Lalev from Sheynovo village and Ivan Kratunkov from Kazanlak town caught two bear cubs from the Shipka Balkan and donated them to the zoo in Stara Zagora. They called them Ivanka and Dimitrinka. The director of Sofia zoo donated a llama and a lion to the second zoo in the country until then. At the beginning of March, 1960 there were more than 40 animals.

Zoo map

Zoo map
  • 1Entrance fee
  • 2Coffee bar
  • 3White cockatoo
  • 4Green iguana
  • 5Hen-like birds
  • 6Hen-like birds
  • 7Poultry
  • 8Nutria
  • 9Nandu
  • 10Emu
  • 11African porcupine
  • 12Mallard
  • 13Musk duck
  • 14Kholmogory goose
  • 15White stork
  • 16Lion
  • 17Brown bear
  • 18White-shouldered capuchin
  • 19Green gwenon
  • 20Roe
  • 21Red deer
  • 22Scottish pony
  • 23American wild turkey
  • 24Karakachan sheep
  • 25Bison
  • 26Mouflon
  • 27Goat
  • 28African ostrich
  • 29Tibetan yak
  • 30Goat antelope
  • 31Fallow deer
  • 32Kangaroo
  • 33Llama
  • 34Wolf
  • 35Wolf
  • 36Bengal tiger
  • 37Owl
  • 38Common peacock
  • 39Silver pheasant
  • 40Turtles
  • 41Working visits, WC
  • 42Outpatient clinic, training centre
  • 43Common buzzard
  • 44Common buzzard
  • 45Bears
  • 46Bears
  • 47Griffon vulture
  • 48Wild cats
  • 49Wild cats
  • 50Patagonian mara
  • 51American wild turkey

At the beginning of the 70s, the construction of the current zoo began. The first cage built is of the bears. After that, those of the roes, deer, predatory birds, monkeys, etc. were built, to the forms they appear now. The zoo is public municipal property and is municipally supported. About 400 species of approximately 80 mammal types, birds and amphibians are bred there. Animals from almost all continents can be seen: Europe - brown bear, red deer, roe, lynx, wolf and fox; Asia – tigers and yak; North America – raccoon; South America – jaguar and llama; Africa – lion and ostrich; Australia – emu and parrots;

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