Musk duck

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Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata)

The Muscovy duck is a bird of the Ducks family (Anatidae). The species originates from America, where it is also found in the wild. They were brought to Bulgaria and to the Balkans during the Ottoman period as domestic animals. They are popularly known as “yurdeks” (from Turkish ördek - 'duck'). They are distinguished by their wrinkled face. Instead of croaking, they usually make hissing or sizzling sounds.

Their plumage is most often white, black or variegated. Unlike other domestic ducks, the Muscovy duck has the ability to fly quite well and often lands on trees. They eat mainly underwater vegetation, seeds, small crustaceans, etc. Muscovy ducks do not swim much because their oil glands are underdeveloped, as in most ducks.

The head is bare, covered with large red warty growths around the base of the beak and around the eyes, making it unique.