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Emu (Australian ostrich) (Dromiceus novaehollandiae)

Its homeland is Eastern Australia and Tasmania Island. It used to be much more spread. It is bigger than Nandu: it is up to 1.70 m tall and weighs 55 kg. It has fluffy grey-black-brown plumage with a bluish tint on the head. Unlike the ostrich, the Emu has three digits on its hind limbs. The claw of its middle digit is larger and sharpened, and serves for self-defense, since like ostriches they also kick forward. The forelimbs (wings) are almost rudimentary unlike those of the ostrich. The two resonator bags in the neck area cause the Emu to make the typical “tim-pam” sound.


Breeding and nutrition

The Emu is a monogamous bird that breeds in Australia in December-January. The female lays 6-20 eggs in nests dug in the sand. It is interesting and typical that the color of Emu's eggs is dark green. The male sits on them for 50-60 days and during this period he hardly eats. After that, he also takes care of the little birds, which have fluffy plumage and are striped in color.

The Emu eats insects, grass, seeds and fruit. It lives well in the zoo. When the weather gets colder, it goes into a closed and heated room.